Aug 1stImpact playForced orgasmDehumanisation
-Any form of play that involves hittingDoes the person receiving the orgasm want to have an orgasm? Doesn’t matter! They’re having one anyway!A dynamic in which someone is treated as less than or not human in favour of treating them like an animal, an object, or something else considered lesser
-Consider: whips, paddles, canes, crops, but also spatulas, meat tenderizers, rulers, and more!Consider: is the forced orgasm a reward or a punishment? And is that reward or punishment for the person receiving… or giving?Consider: human furniture; is it a relief to no longer be a human? Is it a punishment? Is the non-human humiliated and/or degraded as part of it?
Aug 2ndTentaclesTemperature playFree use
-Kraken, octopus, squid, multi-dimensional nightmare eldritch horror, all the best monsters have tentacles [Ed. note: this statement is not endorsed by the full editorial team]Hot and cold as part of sex and/or kinkA dynamic where at least one person is assumed to be sexually available at all times to the whims of at least one other person
-Consider: whose tentacles are they, and where are they going? Who or what are they attached to? Into what orifices are they going, and how far?Consider: application via indirect exposure (warmed or chilled toys, heat lamps, fire cupping) or direct exposure (immersion in ice, snow, ice water, sun exposure, open flame)Consider: how many people are available, and for how many people’s use? Is the free-use person restrained in some way to keep them available, or should they just expect to be bent over in the kitchen at any time? Is this a punishment, a special occasion, or a 24/7 arrangement?
Aug 3rdBratty subsWatersportsCutting
-When a sub pushes back against their dom as part of the dynamicPee!Something sharp slicing someone’s flesh
-Consider: temper tantrums; teasing; disobeying orders; defiance; are they doing it intentionally to earn a punishment, or acting out because they need their dom to take over? Or both?Consider: golden showers; pissing in someone’s hole (front/vagina, ass, or mouth); watching someone peeConsider: slow and methodical vs. hasty and dangerous; knives; swords; scalpels; does it get put back together afterward?
Aug 4thNipple playCome playInstinct/Feral
-Nipples. We all have them (…mostly)Jizz. Spunk. Spend. Remember, if you don’t have ejaculate at home, store bought is just fineCharacters can be considered feral or instinct-driven if they no longer have control over their actions
-Consider: Pinch them, twist them, clamp them, tease them, kiss them, lick them, torture them—and then repeat for the rest of the titConsider: creampies, sloppy seconds, snowballing, felching, the classic AO3 tag Cum as Lube, and “pushing it back in so it’ll take”Consider: omegaverse, especially heat/rut; fuck or die; sex pollen, predator/prey dynamics
Aug 5thBreath playObject insertionKidnapping
-Restricting breath, either through pressure on the throat, or covering the mouth and noseObjects going in holes!Forcibly abducting someone
-Consider: hands on the windpipe, hanging, gas masks, water torture, smothering... Do you let up before or after they pass out?Consider: garden-variety dildos and plugs count here! But also: vegetables, office supplies, anything vaguely phallic, balls, toilet brushes, etcConsider: some people enjoy the role-play of being kidnapped, others may want it for real. Does the victim know in advance, or at all?
Aug 6thAccidental stimulationCuckoldingBeating
-Contact that wasn’t supposed to be sexual that has a decidedly sexual result, especially when it leads to an entire orgasmWhen someone is forced to watch their partner have sex with someone elseSpecific impact play with hands, fists, or feet, likely as part of a struggle
-Consider: clothes rubbing just right, horseback riding, motorcycles, bicycles, seats with strange lumpsConsider: is the cuckold into it? Are they not participating because it’s hot to be sidelined or because they don’t have a choice? Is the partner into it?Consider: verbal fighting that turns into assault; fights between lovers vs. fights between enemies; was it spontaneous or planned? Are both parties aggressive or just one?
Aug 7thDom/sub dynamics (general)Knife playRough sex
-In which there is one or more dominant and one or more submissive taking part in play. The dominant(s) have some level of control over the scene, and the submissive(s) relinquish controlUsing knives in sexual play; doesn't necessarily include cuttingSex that is somewhat intense - can be painful or overwhelming for anyone involved
-Consider: total power exchange; obedience; giving instructions; is this a 24/7 arrangement or just in the bedroom? Is everybody totally happy with their role? Do they ever switch it up?Consider: drawing a knife across a captive’s skin; fear; intimidation; seduction; assigned knives at birthConsider: is the roughness desired or undesired, and for the giver or receiver? Pounding; hatesex; painful anal
Aug 8thBloodPunishmentSize difference
-Blood can come from anywhere, and be used for many thingsWelcome to the world of consequences!A situation where something comparatively large is going somewhere comparatively tiny
-Consider: redwings/period sex; covered in someone else’s blood after a raid, covered in your own blood after a raid; nicked while shaving; rituals; vampiresConsider: was someone disobedient? Was it on purpose? Is this a fun punishment (funishment) or a nasty one? Were parameters set?Consider: large plugs/dildos; mythical creature cocks; any possible iteration of Izzy and Wee John
Aug 9thVoyeurism/ExhibitionismFistingSubstance use
-Enjoying watching/being watchedWhen an entire hand - usually at least up to the wrist - is put in a holeSomeone’s mind being altered via drugs/substances
-Consider: do the exhibitionists know they’re being watched, does the voyeur know if the exhibitionist knows; camming/online sex workConsider: vaginas/front holes vs. assholes; how far can that fist travel into an orifice?Consider: consent and lack thereof; prior knowledge or lack thereof; are the effects good or bad?
Aug 10thBitingConsensual non-consentBranding/tattooing
-Teeth and the bruises they and mouths leave on bodiesRoleplay where at least one person pretends to not consent. Often parameters and safewords are clarified beforehand for the benefit of all parties, as the aggressor or victim can both be negatively affected and need particular reassurancesMarking someone else’s skin permanently via the application of a brand or the placement of ink under the skin
-Consider: where on the body, what marks are left, and who might also see it; claiming, ownership; painConsider: how much of the CNC scene was negotiated in advance, how elaborate it is, are any tools or restraints needed?Consider: what design/content is being tattooed/branded, who’s doing it, who ordered it, their relationship(s); why it’s important to them; whether it was consensual or not
Aug 11thOvipositionMedical playNecrophilia
-Eggs! Eggs being laid inside someoneDoes it happen in a doctor’s office? Sexualize it!Fucking the dead
-Consider: does the host consent; how many eggs; can they all fit easily; pregnancy kink; incubation (especially as part of dehumanization); what hole; tentacles; aliens; do the eggs come back out?Consider: everything from at-home roleplay with nitrile gloves to full-on surgery; the use of “Doctor” as an honorific; nurse/doctor dynamics; medical/hospital AU; doctor/patient dynamics; unethical gynecologists; hysteria treatmentConsider: the undead; the recently dead; the not-so-recently dead
Aug 12thRope playFiggingScat
-Tying people up using ropeInsertion of peeled ginger into a hole, creating a burning sensation. Don’t leave it in for too long! (Or do...)Anything to do with poo
-Consider: shibari; suspension; restraint; places and reasons someone might be tied up on a pirate shipConsider: level of consent; freshness of ginger (fermented is worse!); which hole it goes inConsider: human toilet; smearing; eating; playing; fingerpainting; watching someone else; are clothes on or off at the time?
Aug 13thGroup sexBimboficationSafewords
-More than two people having sex with each otherIn which someone is transformed, either through realistic or unrealistic means, into a bimbo - typically characterised by "girly" aesthetics, a lack of intelligence, and a craving for sexSafewords can be used during sexual or kinky activities to communicate that someone would like to pause or stop the activity, particularly in situations like CNC where “no” does not actually mean no
-Consider: threesomes; orgies; gangbangs; gang rape; running a train; play partiesConsider: degradation (either brutal or affectionate); dressing the bimbo; making the bimbo happy by finally fucking them (or not!)Consider: “he never taps out”; “safewords are for pussies;” pushing someone so hard and/or in ways they didn’t expect and they need to end a scene; ignoring safewords; first time using safewords
Aug 14thDacryphiliaService toppingMonsterfucking
-Getting off on someone cryingWhen a top acts with the bottom's pleasure in mind, rather than their ownVampires! Werewolves! Eldritch beings! Fuck those monsters!
-Consider: tears of joy, catharsis, relief; tears of anger, pain, subjection, frustration; tears of pure overwhelmConsider: stone tops, pillow princess bottoms; is this their usual dynamic?Consider: knotting; tentacles; satyrs; mermaids; creatures with different insertable parts and/or orifices in which to insert
Aug 15thPraise kinkDaddy/Mommy/Parent kinkBreeding
-When someone gets off on being told about how good they’re beingWhen a mommy and daddy love each other very much… no, wait, sorry, that’s something else. Roleplay where one party is a Mommy, Daddy, or otherwise parental figure in a position of authority over their chargeKinking on impregnation, real or imagined. Ability to actually reproduce not required
-Consider: “you’re my good [boy/girl/pet/darling]”; “you take me so well,”; soft domming in general; what if it's the top who wants praise?Consider: DD/lg and other-gendered variants; Daddy/Mommy without ageplay; full-time ageplay; routine management; diapering; full-on incestConsider: “do you think it will take/I’m sure it will take”; “want to see you swollen with my seed”; “gonna put a baby in you”; trying to conceive; conception; pregnant sex; failed birth control; Plan B; stealthing
Aug 16thCagesPublic sexMaster/slave dynamics
-Putting people or parts of people in boxesSex where other people can see (who are not specifically established and/or negotiated voyeurs)A harder-core iteration of a Dom/sub dynamic where the dominant has near or total control over their slave
-Consider: cock cages, dog crates, prison barsConsider: how much can the public see? Would this get the characters arrested if people knew what was happening? What kind of sex? Is it at a sex club where anyone walking by has consented by entering the premises? Is the sex on display or as furtive as possible?Consider: is it consensual at the outset? Is it consensual after a period of time (if so, also consider mindbreak!) Is it full-time, or only in the bedroom/at home?
Aug 17thAnonymousRitualMindbreak
-Sexual contact between people whose bodies and/or identities are obscured or unknown to one anotherConsistent actions done in a specific way at a specific time and/or place for a specific purpose, used to strengthen the bond between a Dom and sub. The goal might be calming, centering, or to invoke a specific feeling or mindset (such as preparing for subdrop) with intent and mindfulnessAn extreme form of dehumanization/torture where the subject no longer thinks of themselves as human and/or as their former self
-Consider: sex arranged via app or a third party where all parties are anonymous to each other; gloryhole hookups where bodies are physically obscured–are both parties anonymous to each other, or are one or both aware of the other’s identity? Did one or both come there for that reason?Consider: specific greetings, bathing, shaving, dressing, asking permission to enter bed, feeding, morning/night routines… Are they public or private? Formal or informal?Consider: is the mindbreakee happier this way? Is the mindbreaker? Can it be reversed?
Aug 18thSensory deprivationRuined orgasmNoncon/rape
-Removing or denying one or more sensesWhen someone is just about to orgasm and stimulation is stopped or interrupted in some way and the orgasm just kind of… doesn’tSex in which one or more parties does not consent
-Consider: a simple silk blindfold; earmuffs; wax in the ears; sensory deprivation hood; vacuum-sealing; sensory deprivation chamberConsider: is it on purpose? A punishment or a reward?Consider: how many parties are involved? Do they know each other or are they strangers? Was it pre-meditated? Is this a punishment? Is it on-going or a unique event?
Aug 19thHair pullingLactationMisgendering
-When there is hair, and it is pulledMilk those tits!Using pronouns and/or terms that do not align with someone’s gender identity
-Consider: everything from gently curled fingers in flowing tresses putting light pressure on the scalp to holding someone by the hair during nonconConsider: breast milk ingestion (accidental or intentional); squirting breast milk on a partner; erotic pumpingConsider: is it hot or gross for the misgenderee? If gross, does the misgenderer know? Further, do they care?
Aug 20thCollarsService subsCannibalism
-A significant symbol within kink circles, collars can be simply aesthetic, or can be as valued as a wedding ring, often used as a symbol of formalisation of a kink relationship separate from any sexual or romantic oneWhen a submissive gets pleasure or satisfaction out of doing things for their top/DomConsuming another human’s living or dead body
-Consider: dog collars; collaring ceremonies; day collarsConsider: Acts of Service as a love language; acting as someone else’s executive function; tying ribbons in your boss’s beardConsider: is the person being consumed still alive? Do they also partake? What parts are being eaten and why? “It’s just the pinky”
Aug 21stSpankingNon-rope bondageHypnosis
-Hitting someone with one’s hand - typically on the ass and thighsOther ways of restraining people beyond mere ropeChanging a state of awareness and/or enhancing suggestibility
-Consider: disciplinary spankings; attitude adjustment spankings; maintenance spankings; encouragement spankings; emotional release spankingsConsider: spreader bars, handcuffs, stockings, neck ties, electrical tape, stuck-in-a-wallConsider: full-on mind control; hypnotic suggestion; is the hypnotizee aware of the process?
Aug 22ndDomestic disciplineOmorashiExtreme age gap
-Did somebody forget to do the dishes? Is the deck unswabbed or the mizzenmast badly in need of mizzening? Looks like it's time to remind someone who's in charge and impose a little disciplineTry not to pee, then fail because it’s hot. Also intertwined with desperation and wetting. Unlike watersports, where the focus is on the fluid itself, the focus here is on the act of holding the peeAn age gap far beyond what you’d typically expect to see in a relationship; exact numbers are up to you
-Consider: is it a punishment or a funishment? Has somebody neglected their tasks deliberately? Are they resistant to the domestic discipline relationship or are they all in?Consider: pressure in the belly, the growing need to relieve oneself, not being able to hold it any longer; why can’t the full-bladdered person let go? Are they being prevented, or holding it to please someone else?Consider: power dynamics such as teacher/pupil; milfs/dilfs/gilfs; who is chasing who? Is the age gap what makes it hot in the first place?
Aug 23rdHumiliationSubspaceWoundfucking
-Oh no, somebody is being embarrassed and everybody's horny about itThat lovely, floaty sensation when a sub relinquishes control to their dom for the duration of a scene or longerIf existing holes aren’t enough you can always make your own!
-Consider: is it happening in public or private? Does everybody know this is a sex thing to start with or is it a (humiliating) surprise?? Will there be aftercare or will they be left to deal with their sexy, sexy shame all alone until next time?Consider: “going soft and pliant”; rude awakenings; unintentional drops into subspace; subspace as a rewardConsider: was the wound already there or was it made expressly to fuck? Are they wanting to neatly close up that hole later, or are they aiming for ruin? What’s going in there: a dick, a fist, an empty rum bottle?
Aug 24thVirginityObjectificationSTD transmission
-A real, traditional first time having penetrative sex, roleplay thereof, or a more unusual “first”Treating a person as if they were an object, consensually or notAiming to catch an STD, or pass one on (potentially to as many people as possible)
-Consider: “I have never known the touch of a man!”; ravishment; first time topping/bottoming; if multiple holes, first time in which holeConsider: does it have to play along or can it keep pretending it isn't just a thing to be used? Is the object being denied their autonomy, rendered inert, and/or reduced to nothing but a sexual being? Is this a punishment or a reward?Consider: bug chasing; is this limited to fantasy or an activity someone engages in? Are they forthcoming about their kink with their partner(s)? What’s driving them: a draw towards a taboo, as a means to submit or connect with a partner? How does the setting and time inform the character’s relationship with bug chasing?
Aug 25thGagsGenital tortureDubcon
-Things put in mouths to make someone stop talking, force their mouth open, and/or encourage droolingGot some genitals on loan? Why not make them really, really hurt! Sadomasochism centred around someone's junk. Don’t limit yourself to classic BDSM implements - a (mental) trip to the hardware store should get the creative juices flowingDubious consent: one or more partners don't seem fully into it for some reason, but the fucking will continue until morale improves. Or doesn't!
-Consider: ball gag; bit gags; o-ring gags; spider gags; dildo gags; non-standard gags such as clothing or objectsConsider: cock and ball torture; cunt sewing; want to pierce, stab, squish, cage, smack, or zap? Why not all of the above?Consider: are there drugs involved? Violence? Emotional or psychological manipulation? Is it a fuck-or-die scenario? Is everyone aware that consent isn't really being freely given or is there some kind of miscommunication happening?
Aug 26thOrgasm denialSoundingSomnophilia
-When an orgasm is not permitted for mental or physical reasons, right now or in generalUrethral penetrationHaving sex while asleep/having sex with someone while they’re asleep. Inherently dub- or noncon adjacent
-Consider: edging; chastity; how many times an orgasm is denied before it’s finally allowed (if it is finally allowed); is this over minutes or weeks?Consider: rigid rods; catheters/catheterization; fingersConsider: is the sleeper actually asleep or just pretending? Are drugs involved? If so, is the sleeper aware and did they consent? Was the sleeper informed in advance, or did it just happen? Does the sleeper wake up? Does the awake party leave anything behind (fluids or marks)?
Aug 27thLeatherMasochismMutilation
-Protocols and styles of dress involving leather connected with BDSM and gay/dyke communitiesHurt me daddy, it's the only way I'll learn, by which I mean get off. One or more partners likes a side–or a heaping helping–of pain with their pleasureIntentionally causing lasting bodily harm
-Consider: public BDSM play; leather clothing and accessories; bootblacking; hanky codeConsider: what kinds of pain do they enjoy? Impact play, like spanking/slapping/flogging? Cutting, burning, choking, scratching?? Love hurts!Consider: which parties are agreeing ahead of time and what are their limits (and does the other person/people care)? Can the injury heal? Can it be concealed? Are they keeping things relatively safe or does someone have an increasing need to transform their partner into something new? Are they feeling especially sweet about the deviously hot things that they're doing?
Aug 28thPet playHigh protocolDrowning
-In which at least one party is treated as an animal, typically a dog or catRules, expectations, steps, structure, formality. A behaviour or set of behaviours assigned to a particular place, for set periods of time or during specialised situations, such as events or parties. Short-term, for specific occasionsWhen not-breathing turns you on, with the added perk that any inhale you do manage will only flood your lungs with liquid. Can be considered as a genre of death kink or as extreme breath play
-Consider: using pet names like “puppy” or “kitten”; ear headbands; pup masks; tail plugs, animal roleplayConsider: restrictions on speaking or touching; requirement to walk a step behind the Dominant; eye contact being forbidden; speaking in third person; sitting in a certain posture; thanking the DominantConsider: what’s the setup? Dunking over the side of a bath? Tied to something heavy and sunk? Is the drowning accidental or purposeful breath play? How much control does the top have over the water? What is the goal: death, fear, punishment? Is the bottom into it?
Aug 29thFeetPredicament bondageMurder
-All 10 toes may not be presentRestraining someone in a position that is uncomfortable or high-stress in some way, such as on tip toesTaking a life
-Consider: are they polished and cared for or smelly and filthy? What's the appeal - the shape, the size, the toes (or lack thereof)? Is there particular footwear included in the kink? Is someone worshipping them, licking them, being fucked by them?Consider: one-bar prisons; anal hooks; suspension; incorporating sensations so that the bound party cannot get away from stimulation–or cannot get to itConsider: Are the characters murdering someone else together? Is one committing murder in the other’s name? Is that known to the other? Or are one or more parts of the relationship/polycule murdering their own beloveds? Was it intentional? Does the murderer do anything to make it specifically sexual or hot?
Aug 30thFeminizationNeedle playInfidelity
-Also known as sissification: role play where a male or typicallly-masculine submissive takes on a stereotypically feminine role, often but not always using a heavy amount of condescension. Distinct from misgendering as there is often a distinct “goal” of training the man to become adequately femininePuncturing the skin or body, as opposed to cutting or slicing. Can be temporary or permanentUnfaithfulness to a partner
-Consider: dressing up in feminine clothing like garters and heels; using feminine-coded language like “little girl”; tucking; making someone bottom; having someone behave in a stereotypically feminine manner; is he into it? Is he cis at the beginning? Is he (still) cis at the end?Consider: play piercings; permanent piercings; needle designsConsider: are they being sneaky about it and is that part of the appeal? Does the shame and guilt only make it hotter? Has infidelity led to a secret family situation? Has there been a miscommunication about relationship boundaries and oops, someone just inadvertently cheated?
Aug 31stOverstimulationFearMacro/Micro
-Continued sensation after orgasm can lead to overstimulation. Typically pleasurable stimulation begins to feel like “too much” or even painfulSometimes the adrenaline of being scared can make a situation incredibly hot; knowing someone is scared of you can be one hell of an ego boostIn which one character is significantly and unrealistically large or small
-Consider: is this accidental or planned? Solo or forced onto someone? Do we have a goal or are we just being mean? Just how angry are we willing to make their cunt/cock/body part?Consider: bumps in the night that turn out to be real; intimidation; unnegotiated/under-negotiated domination; reckless (or controlled) knife or gun play; hunting your first mate for sportConsider: does the size difference have a sexy cause? Are the characters still human or something other? How do they feel about being crushed, controlled or caged, devoured or engulfed? Consider fantasy races like fairies or giants as well as pet-sized versions of humans

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Some of these prompts are kind of gentle
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